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david reagan...

has worked successfully in the real estate industry as a sales representative for over 20 years. He first worked for Winston Gellard Real Estate where the large and fast paced office provided him with a comprehensive introduction to the industry. He then moved to Ray Gibbs and Associates, a moderately-sized office where he further consolidated his skills and knowledge. He began to develop a theory that it was not offices with their associated infrastructure which provided the best service, rather it was the individual sales representative who could actually provide the most responsive service to customers and achieve the best results. An opportunity to join a smaller company, Chadwick’s Real Estate, presented itself and so David moved into a situation where he worked successfully from his home office for the next 12 years.
David has established a solid reputation for achieving exceptional outcomes. He is skilled in negotiating agreements where everyone involved is satisfied with the outcome. He has a remarkably high rate of repeat business and referrals.
With the confidence gained from his extensive experience, with the strong client base developed during those years and with a commitment and focus to provide an energetic and absolutely personal service, David decided to open his own business, REAGANS REAL ESTATE.
It is a deliberate and considered decision not to operate REAGANS REAL ESTATE from a large office. An office can be costly, restrictive and take all of your time and energy. Advances in technology mean you no longer need a big office to be able to provide a professional and responsive service. All the energy can be put into

  • promoting properties
  • meeting people face-to-face
  • getting out and about in the suburb
  • greater flexibility with fees
  • developing long-term professional relationships
  • achieving excellent real estate outcomes


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